What is your involvement with The Prince’s Trust?

I work with The Prince’s Trust as a Digital Ambassador, using my platforms as a blogger on social media to share the positive ways that they impact the lives of young people, many of which are vulnerable, by giving them support, life skills and the confidence needed for further education, the workplace and beyond.  I love to shout about the free courses that they offer to those under 30.

Why did you choose The Trust as your charity of choice?

I am really proud to call the North East my home but it is usually considered to be a low socioeconomic area and there’s loads of kids here who grow up thinking that they’re not going to amount to anything when they’re older.  This happens all over the country but to counter that, the work of The Prince’s Trust reaches nationwide too.  I have seen first hand the impact that one of The Prince’s Trust courses had on someone that I know and they were able to really kick start their career as a result of completing one of their courses.  I’m really passionate about young having an equal start to succeed in life but often mainstream school takes a one size fits all approach and when difficulties occur in life, its hard for children to access the right support and get back on track.  I love that The Prince’s Trust are completely none judgmental and will help regardless of background, hardships and vulnerability, they help to give young people the skills and increase in self esteem to reach their potential.

Despite facing my own set backs in life, increasing my self esteem and confidence has had such a positive impact on my career and life in general and as well as promoting the courses that The Prince’s Trust offer, I want to share the experiences and knowledge that have helped me with the young people, along with generating discussions around wellbeing and mental health, in the hope of inspiring and helping them on their journey.

What would you say to other bloggers wanting to reach out and help The Trust?

If you’re passionate about the lives and success of young people and want to use your voice in a positive way, then get in touch with The Prince’s Trust.  They’re great to work with and open to ideas so that they can reach as many young people as possible.

To learn more about The Prince’s Trust, visit their website.

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