So, a thing happened last week, didn’t it.

For me, I sort of feel unaffected. Like, the new icon is a bit rubbish, but ultimately I prefer the new-look of the interface, and it feels nice and fresh and clean, and certainly makes the content pop that little bit more than when it was separated by blue borders and breaks. I agree it does make it a bit “noisy” though, and hard to tell where one user stops and the next one starts, but on the whole, I’m a fan. Again for me, I haven’t been affected by the timeline update that will see users’ feeds served out of chronological order, and rather in an order that the Instagram Gods (presumably a team of Lord Zuckerberg’s many minions) deem to be the most noteworthy, or of more interest than the content from the many meme or #puppiesofinstagram accounts that users no doubt follow.

But it’s how that decision is being made that I suppose it what’s annoying people. Like, who says I’d rather see content from my actual friends over those damn puppies, because there’s certainly a reason I’m following that many puppy accounts, right? I’m the type of user who checks my feed only once or twice a day, despite posting a lot more than that; I just don’t have time to be scrolling through all the noise. For me, I’m excited about this update and hope that it will make my user experience a bit more streamlined, by serving me content that I actually want to see, rather than scrolling past a dozen photos before liking one.

When the news first came about that the timeline would be changing, there were concerns. Those concerns spurred just about everyone with an Instagram account (who are you if you don’t have an IG account?) to subject their followers to the classic “turn post notifications on!” pleas, which – to be honest, did more harm than good. Turning post notifications on doesn’t solve the problem, it only means your followers are notified by Instagram every.single.time that you post (like, an app notification), not that your posts will still appear in their feeds. This isn’t the solution anyone was looking for, and it certainly made me personally unfollow a lot of people. Like, genuinely, the accounts that you already follow and actively engage with will still appear in your timeline. That’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is the 70% of the content that you’re currently not seeing because of the puppy spam will be relegated to the “not important” section of your account, until you choose to start engaging in them again. You know you can still seek out those accounts yourself, right? I mean, I do that now already; I’m always missing my best mates’ content because I’m mostly so self-involved, so I weekly do a bit catch-up of all the accounts I care about. If you get twenty likes from me at once, that’s why (you’re welcome).

Seriously, that’s all it’ll take. Want to see what your friends are eating for dinner? Then engage with their accounts a little bit, and soon enough, they will be back in your feed. Instagram is pretty reactive like that; think about how quickly the content and accounts you currently like currently affect your popular page? I know that as soon as I like ONE CAT PHOTO, cats are all up in my feed, and this makes me sad because I don’t like cats. I digress.

I suppose the other main gripe with the feed update is that your own content now isn’t appearing as organically in your followers’ feeds as it was before, and the “top posts” aren’t refreshing as quickly as before, and posts that you’ve liked remain in top spots long after you originally saw them. That is a concern I hadn’t noticed until Katy pointed it out, and not one very easily remedied, unfortunately. I did ask around on Twitter the other day for people who had personally been affected by the timeline update, and really only a few bloggers seemed to be, with a few small businesses who are starting to feel really affected. <a href="https://twitter cialis en″>Lucinda said she’d seen a dip in likes from before the update, despite using the same hashtags and personally interacting with the platform no differently to before, as did Natasha (for her small business) and boutique store The Treasured. So, I suppose time will tell on how we can combat that, and we’re yet to hear from Instagram on ways to ensure accounts remain in their followers’ timelines. Lucinda also mentioned she’s seen an increase in sponsored content in her feed, so I suppose that’s an option. For those who aren’t that way inclined and still prefer their traffic to be organic, then we will have to do some research for you and see what other ways there are to ensure you’re still considered “relevant” in your followers’ feeds.

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