We noticed that over the last couple of weeks, some of you have been chatting across the internet about Domain Authority, what it’s all about and why so many of our DAs have so drastically improved. Luckily we’ve got a handy little post to explain the basics for those of you who aren’t quite up to speed with this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) metric, and why it’s something to be aware of.

Moz is the owner of this metric – a big online software company that are pretty highly regarded as an authority on site performance, who offer their customers loads of cool tools and software that help us and lots of other people figure out just how great a site is (alongside the awesome content of course). On Friday 1st April, Moz updated its algorithm that assesses sites on their Domain Authority score and a lot bloggers saw an increase. They are improving the way they assess sites in their algorithm all the time and if yours increased, it’s likely a sign that you are becoming a more credible site on the internet. Happy days!

These updates happen fairly frequently (at least once a month) as Moz want to make sure their algorithm is a true representation of the state of play of sites on the internet. It’s one of their measures to make sure that other naughty sites that may be ‘gaming the system’ by adding lots and lots of links that are spammy across their site don’t win. They want to support sites like yours that are built with purpose and nurtured over time because you love what you do; you produce great quality posts, your blog is your outlet, and your creative space on the internet to be you. Moz’s algorithm takes loads of factors in mind when it updates the Domain Authority, like your back links and referring domains, how trustworthy your site is, the age and relevancy of your content, and then scores your site based on its own calculation of all those things.

This latest update saw a massive spike across a lot of blog sites, however, don’t be disheartened if you have seen little change on this. This is one of many, many things that can identify the value of your site. A lot of people – like us – look at loads of other things to see how awesome you are, and if you qualify for opportunities that our clients present to us. Domain Authority is not the be all and end all. We do our homework and check out what you write, how you write it, what your passions are, how social you are, what your style is, how your personality fits within the opportunities we have at TT Towers and so much more. We want to know as many of you as possible and we want you to know us too.

So Domain Authority is something that is a metric on your site to keep an eye on, but not the defining one. We care about so much more than that with your site and you should too! If you have any other questions around Domain Authority and what it all means, comment below!


Elly is a proud member of The Engagement Team TT Towers, as Content Marketing Manager where she helps come up with cool ideas for our clients and for our lovely Community members to with us on. She is currently a big fan of 360 degree video, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and our Bearded Baker’s salted caramel cookies.

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