Sleep. It’s such a rare thing, with a hundred things going around in our heads, it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep. We obsess over our phones, checking them every night, scrolling through our feed and replying to emails – it’s never ending. But when should it stop?

I am a morning person, someone who wakes up before the alarm but is ready to start the day. It doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep I get; I can guarantee that I will be awake the next day. It’s not the best thing, as my body relies on a lot of caffeine and chocolate to get me through, but I seem to be managing. Lately, I have been doing certain things at night to help me unwind and go to sleep stress free. These five simple steps have helped me sleep much better at night and has allowed my body to rest, recover and relax.

Switch Off – The first tip is probably the hardest thing to do for anyone. Move your phone as far away as possible from you, this means you won’t have the urge to check anything or scroll. You can check all your notifications in the morning, they aren’t going to run away. All your doing is straining your eyes, give them a rest after a long day.

Take some time to unwind – One of the most important things to get the best night’s sleep is giving your self-time. Even if it just means, sitting down and having a nap. Those 5-10 minutes of doing nothing, will calm your body and brain down to indirectly let it know that you are done for the day. If you start to do every day as part of your ‘night time routine’ then your body will get into the habit of relaxing at a certain time.

Breathe in, breathe out – My personal favourite thing to do is doing some deep breathing exercises. The App Store has some amazing apps that you can download, to take you on a breathing journey. If you’re doing the whole no tech before bed thing, then lie on your back, hand on stomach, eyes closed and take several breathes in and out. You want to be doing this for about 10 minutes, clear your head and feel like you’re on a gorgeous island, with no stress on your shoulders. Feeling sleepy yet?



Drink your way to a better sleep – If you’re not a fan of tea then you better become one because it will be your saviour at night. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea can be very relaxing, and help you nod off. The benefits of drinking a cup of chamomile is endless; it helps to reduce anxiety, fights a cold, soothes stomach pains and lastly help you sleep like a baby. 1 cup is all you need; the taste is quite off putting at first but you’ll soon get used to. If drinking herbal tea doesn’t appeal to you, then light a candle or have some aromatherapy oils around you – smell your way to sleep instead.

Have a bath and holiday – Ok, that sounds bizarre but stay with me. Run yourself a hot bath, cliché I know – but it works wonders. It will not only relax all your muscles but also raise your temperature which acts as a trigger to help you fall asleep. While your relaxing in the bath take a mental holiday. Think about your favourite place in the world, where you would rather be. Visualise yourself in the peaceful setting, your free, relaxed and don’t have a care in the world. You’ll be reducing stress and getting ready for bed all in one.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 easy ways to unwind before you go to sleep, now if you’ll excuse me I’m ready for bed… Oh, by the way, I’m Parie; a beauty and fashion blogger from a town just outside of Leeds. I’m currently at university studying Primary Education! I blog about anything to do with makeup, shopping, TV and sometimes even food! My motto in life is to live everyday to its fullest and always see the positive side (easier said than done). You can find me tweeting over at @pariejoshi, so why not pop over and tell me how you relax before bed?


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