One of the wonderful things about creating content online, is the way absolutely anyone can write a blog or start a YouTube channel. Whether you’re in full time work or full time education, a stay at home mum or somewhere in between, anyone and everyone can create content to share with the world. So what do you do if your life is busy, out all day, always making plans? Few bloggers can sit at home all day writing blog posts and taking photos, and so you have to get creative. Here’s my top 5 tips for creating content on the go – and hopefully it’ll make blogging a little bit easier for you if you lead a busy life too!

Get snap happy

As if any of us need an excuse to whip the phone camera out, but how often when you’re out and about do you take photos with the insight to use them in a blog post later? Cameras on smart phones can take photos just as well as any professional camera and there’s tons of way you can make photos on the go work for a blog post; why not share your day? Use the photos to create a wish list of products you want to buy? Try on outfits and share your changing room snaps asking readers for their opinions or sharing your thoughts on the styles? Stopping for a coffee and cake or meal somewhere? Snap those pictures and give the venue a review!

Take notes

I’m one of those people who comes up with ideas for features whenever I’m away from my laptop, but as soon as I sit down to write a post? I have nothing! So I like to use a little app on my phone to take notes of any ideas I have for features, brands I’ve spotted when out and about that I’d like to try, blogs I’ve come across that I wouldn’t mind collaborating with. Everything goes into a note and I can check back later when I need some ideas for what to write. Most phones come with a notes app, but I downloaded a free app from the Play store – there’s tons of free notes apps out there for you to choose from!

Ideas are everywhere

It can be really frustrating if you find yourself with bloggers-block, unable to think of what to write about or what to share. Why not take inspiration from your surroundings? If you work a desk job, why not share your desktop essentials? If you go to College or University, you could share your go-to essentials that keep you going through lectures. If I’m out for a walk I’m always looking around to see what I could share, and often end up coming up with my more ‘chatty’ topic features when I’m just enjoying a quiet stroll with the pushchair. On the flip side, just browsing the aisles of your local Boots store can give you ideas about what to feature; new product releases, a product wish list, that new product trend that every brand is trying.

Get out and have some fun!

I adore sharing more lifestyle themed content with my readers on Tattooed Tealady and days out are the perfect way to share content without being too serious. Spring and summer are perfect for features like this, when the sun is shining, it’s nice and warm and the grey skies are banished for a few months. You could share your favourite local attractions, visit a tourist spot you’ve always wanted to check out, go to your local national park or spend a day at a theme park. If you fancy something simpler, why not get your friends together for a picnic and share your picnic essentials and favourite snacks? Making sure you don’t sit in and miss the rare spots of sunshine we get in the UK, whilst still sharing content with your readers.

Write from your phone

On a train, stuck in the GP waiting room, lay in bed unable to sleep; if I find myself with a few spare minutes when I know I’ll be too busy to get writing later in the day, I write from my phone instead. You can type posts straight into a Blogger app on your phone to upload as is, but I prefer to send posts to myself as an email – especially as emails automatically save as drafts until you send them, so if I have to stop writing half-way through, I can always finish it another time. It saves time later, gives me something to do when I’m waiting around and gets me writing straight away if I have an idea for a feature that I just can’t wait to share!

I hope you liked my ideas for creating content on the go, and if you have any of your own I’d love to hear them! Be sure to pop over to Twitter or Instagram, both @TattooedTealady, and say hello, and I’m over at if you fancy a browse!

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