Our team brings together a mix of knowledge and experience from SEO, social media, PR and events, and influencer campaigns to broader content marketing backgrounds. All part-time content creators, in our spare time, too we know what makes a fab campaign – and what works for both influencers and brands.

Erica Vonderwall

As Digital Promotions Manager, Erica is responsible for managing the team at Talented Talkers. Erica is involved with and oversees everything from ideation and proposals through to campaign execution and reporting for relevant content, influencer, social, and event-based campaigns. Alongside this, she is responsible for the strategy, management and implementation of the brand’s own social media channels and blog.

Erica has been a key member of the Talented Talkers team since 2014 and also writes a travel and lifestyle blog at

Get to know Erica:

  • Doggy borrower
  • Weekend Wanderer
  • Lives for Pink Wednesdays
  • Specialist Mastermind category: Kevin Costner films

Francesca Falcini

As a Promotions Exec at Talented Talkers, Francesca is responsible for event management, connecting influencers to brands and creating content proposals for campaigns. She has two years’ experience in influencer marketing and SEO, and is also responsible for the optimisation behind the brand’s own blog and across some of the social channels.

Francesca also writes a lifestyle blog at

Get to know Fran:

  • Can’t commit to a hair colour
  • Attempting to visit 18 places for 2018
  • Loves wrestling (just watching it…for now)
  • Writes in calligraphy like a pro

Liv Martin

As the newest addition to Talented Talkers, Liv comes from a journalism and PR background with experience across TV production and video content, too. As Senior Digital Promotions Executive at TT Towers, Liv is involved with ideation, proposals, digital PR, campaign execution, and helps out with event support, too. 

Get to know Liv:

  • In a long-distance relationship with my Springer-doodle, Ebony
  • Addicted to Escape Games
  • Wannabe yoga pro (there’s a long way to go)
  • Happiest when wandering around a food or farmer’s market sampling everything on offer

Chloe Hutchinson

A shiny new addition to Talented Talkers, Chloe comes from a PR and social media background with four years’ experience across a wide range of consumer brands. As a Digital Promotions Executive at TT Towers, Chloe is responsible for content ideation, influencer campaigns, event support and digital PR.

In her spare time, Chloe blogs over at and is also a food photographer.

Get to know Chloe:

  • Spreadsheet enthusiast
  • Thinks she walks like a T-Rex
  • Strangely addicted to spin classes
  • Once upon a time… wanted to be a hip-hop dancer