When we think of social media, Pinterest is always included on that list. That said, it’s a bit of a weird social media. You tend to have people either SUPER into Pinterest but not totally sure how it relates to their blog, or people who avoid the platform all together ‘cause it’s a bit confusing. (and of course, the people who smash it out). So, I want in this little article to explain why you should be using Pinterest, then a few quick tasks to get you started.

So, why as a blogger should you be focussing on Pinterest?

If we look at Twitter, an average post lasts about 30 minutes. In Instagram, you’re talking 1-3 days that people are actually seeing your content. This means that if you’re promoting your posts there, you only have a limited amount of time where people will click through. However, with Pinterest, that isn’t the case.

When you add something as a pin, that pin has a life of years. For example, I’ll write one tweet and get about 10 views to my blog in the following hour or so. I added one pin to Pinterest 22 months ago and I get 100+ views to my blog every single day.

This means, if you really want to increase your page views and get more people reading your blog, then Pinterest is a fabulous platform to really focus on and grow. Other socials are about community, Pinterest is different, it’s basically a giant visual search engine, and one we can really utilise.


What are the basics to using Pinterest?

If you’ve not used Pinterest before, then it’s basically a giant pin board. You see lots of nice pins, and ones which you may want to look at later, you add to a board. For example, I have a travel board for quite a few countries, when I see a blog post I like on that country, I pop it on the board. Then when I’m holiday planning I have a great resource to use.

So, the basics to get your Pinterest set up includes:

  • Setting up a business profile – so that you can show the link to your blog. Pop in an interesting bio about you too.
  • Creating boards around your target reader – it’s good to have boards in the niche that you blog about, for example, if you’re a travel blogger then lots of boards on different countries is great. That said, think about your target reader – they may like travel but they probably also like cooking or other related things. So, you don’t need to keep your boards super niched.
  • Get pinning – this is the most important bit. You should be pinning every day, a range of content that isn’t yours and some from your own blog too. Ideally, you love Pinterest so that this doesn’t turn into a chore! If you struggle with consistent pinning then consider using a schedule tool like Tailwind or Boardbooster, these allow you to sit and pin for an hour or so and they will the spread your pins throughout the week.

So, your Pinterest profile is set up, what do you need to do now to get your pins moving and people heading to your profile?

Some quick tasks you can do to help get your Pins moving

  • Create some optimised graphics with Canva – when you go to Canva you can select Pinterest and it will give you the optimum size for your pin. The best pins have text on them, so pop some text on there to encourage more repins.
  • Add a ‘pin it’ hover on your blog – encourage people who visit your blog to add your images to pinterest easily. You can do this through a plug in.
  • Join some group boards – group boards basically mean you pair up with some other people and when you pin to the board it goes to all the contributor’s followers. They are a handy way to help grow your profile and have your pins seen by more people. You can find group Pinterest boards through blogging facebook groups or having a search on Pingroupie.
  • Try some promoted pins – you can promote on Pinterest which helps your important pins get more of a boost. Good thing is that you can spend as little as £5 and that still gives it a decent boost.

There we have it, as with any social media, you need to spend time on Pinterest for it to really grow and flourish. But if you need to pick any social to get your head around and start using more, then Pinterest is most definitely the one which will give you the best returns!

What tips do you have for Pinterest?

By Jasmin Charlotte – follow her on Pinterest here!
(Jasmin is a lifestyle blogger and blogging coach at jasmincharlotte.com. She writes loads of tips to help you grow your blog and social media, plus understand the more techy bits of the blogging world. She offers blog coaching which includes Pinterest if you need tailored advice!).

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