This is our colleague Belle. Four and a half years ago, she learned she was disabled. An incredibly rare condition called Osteochondritis Dissecans stage four had caused the bone and cartilage on the outside of her knee joint (lateral femural chondile) to disintegrate, requiring emergency surgery to stop further damage to her leg. The condition itself has left her with a severe irregularity of the joint surface within the knee meaning that she’s in pain when she walks, exercises or sits in certain positions. Day to day she struggles with the simple tasks such as cleaning, cooking, food shopping and even getting to work. At the same time as finding this out, she had a non-unionised fracture in the opposite leg’s ankle requiring bone grafting and a series of operations to make it heal. Whilst the ankle bone has healed, she now has a soft tissue impingement within the joint meaning Belle is in near-constant pain, and has reduced mobility in this leg too. 

Belle now has the opportunity to potentially repair the damage caused by the disease and ankle break through two different operations. The first requires a highly specialised stem cell grafting operation pioneered in the UK. The second is a more straight forward arthroscopy operation to remove damaged tissue and check for damage to the ligaments and small muscles in the ankle. These operations are not covered by the NHS and as such we’re helping fundraisemoney to cover them. Additionally, Belle needs to fundraise money to cover the rehabilitation process to put her in the best position to be able to walk normally again. This includes a year of physiotherapy and working with a specialised rehabilitation personal trainer to rebuild the muscles in the right way to prevent future damage.

We need to help her reach her target of £40,000, so she can have the opportunity to live without pain again. Rather than another bake sale or book drive, we’ve come up with a fun suggestion. We’re holding a Bring and Buy sale, with the rest of the company. We’re inviting our colleagues to bring in one or two items of clothing or accessories that they no longer use or wear, and we’re going to sell them off in a boot-sale type fair held here in our offices in the next few weeks. But, we’d love your help.

We know you likely have bits and pieces laying around, samples from PRs that aren’t quite “you”, that don’t quite fit, that aren’t just right, and we’d love to have them. For the cost of the postage to our office, you’d really be helping us raise the much needed money for Belle’s life-changing surgery, and getting rid of some of your unused items at the same time. So, if you are interested in off-loading some items of clothing, accessories or shoes, then please do send them our way. We only ask they’re in good enough condition for someone to want to buy them, but if not, everything else will be sent off to a charity of our choice, so it will all end in a good outcome regardless.

The address for all donations is:

Talented Talkers
Level 2, 10 Triton Street
Regent’s Square

Thank you so much, for even considering us help Belle on her way to a new life. You can donate money here and read all about her own efforts here.

Love, TT Towers X

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