Balancing blogging and a fulltime job can be tough. Throw in the keeping fit, events, life admin (cleaning, and all that other boring stuff), and socialising, and 24 hours does not feel long enough. I couldn’t tell you how many tweets I’ve seen highlighting the constant (losing) battle. So, we wanted to gather a few tips and ideas from different bloggers themselves, to help you feel a little more on top of it, more motivated, and mostly so you can keep enjoying it – or at the very least so you don’t feel alone.

“Take some time out if you need it – working AND blogging is hard on the brain, and it’s better to post less but higher quality content than to churn out a post when you’re not feeling it because you feel like you *have* to. The blogging part should be FUN!” – Milly @

“Take your full lunch break! It’s amazing how much you can get done in an hour :)” – Natalie @

“In lifestyle posts, don’t be afraid to use stock images – credited properly or use from a website like pixabay” – Bonnie @

“Always keep a note pad handy to note down ideas when you’re out and about or at work as you never know when inspiration will call” – Kathy @

“Write about your passions and what you want to…Don’t be hard on yourself” – Afshan @

“I find it good to have some ‘spare’ photos ready to post to social media on days where you may not be able to get pictures” – Daniella @

“I’ve found dictation very useful. It’s great to just talk into my phone when an idea comes into my head. It saves time typing it all out and I have something to edit later” – Victoria @

“It’s important not to use all of your free time to do your blog, it will only get too much for you and you’ll find that you may just produce something you aren’t happy with” – Emma @

“As a new blogger, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with everything you need to do. The physical act of writing a list with pen and paper is a lifesaver, as well as being oddly therapeutic!” – Terri @

“Have a plan, that’s flexible and find what works for you in terms of posting schedule and content creation, but most importantly still find time to have fun blogging” – Stephanie @

“Get a tweet scheduler to take some of the work out for you, there’s nothing worse than coming home and having to worry about promotion on top of writing” – Kariss @

“I use apps that sync from my phone to my laptop. That way I can write on the go and all my notes are up to date and in one place” – Rosie @

“Be nice to yourself and do not compare your blog to someone who blogs full time – at some points you might find yourself trying to reach their levels of productivity and time dedication and it will do more bad than good. Instead, congratulate yourself for doing the things you do and allow yourself all the breaks and time you need” – Kamila @

“Wherever I am, if any content inspiration hits me, I’ll always note it down in my phone’s notes. I could be on the tube heading to work and an idea will hit me but rather than let it pass and forget it, I’ll always write it down and come back to it when I have time to pursue it” – Leigh @

“I personally use my lunchtime to listen to podcasts and audiobooks which is where I get a lot of my inspiration from. I’ll often be out on a walk while I do as I tend to get my best ideas then. I’ll make notes on my phone for blog post and promotion ideas, drafting in bullet-points that I then turn into posts in my evenings and weekends” – Lee @

“Most importantly, you should remember that not blogging if you are busy is okay! Make sure you are having fun and don’t see your blog as a chore”. Viki @

“My best tip – don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t have time, don’t force yourself to produce blog posts filled with substandard content – only publish posts you are proud of – if you don’t have time, cut back on how often you post” – Lucy @

“Write from your heart. Don’t write for writings sake. These are the posts that make the most difference!” – Becci @

“Write when it feels right and don’t push it when you’re not feeling it – it might not be that it’s a bad topic your brain might just be needing a break since you’ve been at work all day/week” – Kirsty @

We hope you found these tips helpful. But as always, feel free to tweet us/comment below with any questions, or any more you think will help others.

Have a fab week!

Chloe is a digital promotions exec at Talented Talkers, and runs a lifestyle blog at lashesoflifestyle.
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