By now, Instagram Stories is a constant in most influencer’s daily routine, and why shouldn’t it be? All the perks of SnapChat with a ready-made audience, and the opportunity to still have a curated non-instant grid while you still instantly share your day? What a winning combo we have there! Even I – the confessed Social Media Noob, is on the Insta Stories bandwagon, finding the engagement on my grid pictures goes through the roof when I do add to my Story, as well as loving being able to see those old school friends and exes peeping on my life like they think I can’t see them. I SEE THEM. Whatever the reason for your Stories use (and Jasmin has written a great post¬†on things you should know about the function), there’s a hidden gem lurking in your Instagram Business account that it sounds like more than a few members of the community aren’t aware of – the See More function when it comes to your Stories’ analytics data.

You can actually retain and revisit the data from your 24hour footage for up to 14 days with a Business Account once the feature is activate, which is 13 more days than those without the business profile, and will absolutely help you when it comes to feeding back to brands and agencies that you’ve worked with if a Story has been part of your agreement. And even if not, this sort of info is an incredible added value that you can offer the brand – and why shouldn’t you! It’s evidence of a successful campaign, of incredible engagement, of brand awareness, and you should be excited to share that info just as you would any page views or comments your blog post received, or how many times your Tweet was engaged with.

The thing about Instagram Stories is that no-one but you has the access to that data (yet), as Instagram hasn’t opened up the API for reporting tools. So while we can see your likes and comments on your grid, we – as brands and agencies go, can’t see what engagement you’ve had on your stories. If you don’t already know how to find the information, here are some simple steps:

  1. go to your profile
  2. click on the Analytics icon
  3. scroll down to your Stories’ Insights
  4. click See More

From there, you have the option to look through a host of things like engagement (how many people watched), reach (the potential views from your following), skip forward and back (to rewatch), and exits, as well as the option to filter by 24 hours, 7 days, and 14 days. This is really useful information for brands, so if you don’t already offer it as part of your collaboration round-up, then have a think about it for the next one. The brand will appreciate the above-and-beyond information from you, and it will put you in good stead for future collaborations. So, what do you have to lose?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram Stories, and if you think this is in fact an added value, or if you think it’s a bit cheeky of brands to ask for it. And if you do, then why? We’d love to hear your side of it too.

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