If you follow us on Twitter, you will have seen that a few weeks ago we were involved with a little inter-agency charity run for our colleague Belle. Now, we’re not the biggest athletes, but we do love a good cause. Here’s a little behind the scenes snippet from TT Towers’ very own Marathon Man, Nick Randall (the one on the left):


I used to be fit. I spent hours and hours running in preparation for a couple of marathons that I endured a lifetime ago, and have spent the years since starting sentences with the phrase “well… as a marathon runner…” before imparting some rather condescending fitness advice – regardless of the fact that this was generally said with a cigarette in one hand and a pint gently resting on my gut.  My cockiness led to me being informed a few weeks ago, by the illustrious Scott Williams (who organised the whole thing) that I had been “volunteered” for a key 10.6km leg of the District Line between Earls Court and Tower Hill, in what was referred to as a “merry little jaunt along the Thames”.

In true Randall fashion, I turned up late and unprepared, hopping off of the tube to find a number of missed calls from Andy who was waiting to hand over the baton after a successful – although remarkably sweaty if the state of the baton was anything to go by – run from Richmond. Add to that the remaining 23% battery on my phone, I knew I was going to have a whale of a time working out where the next tube station was… It all went swimmingly for the first couple of KM, a light breeze and slight drizzle meant that the streets were only busy – rather than the standard post-apocalyptic mess that you normally have to endure through the streets of London, and I hastily ticked off the first couple of stations before rather dramatically falling over in front of a couple of Police Officers; they’d stopped to see what the slightly manic looking man was doing slowly jogging and hyperventilating whilst carrying a bit of old pipe (the baton).

This was a hint of things to come, and I spent the next hour and a half of my life getting lost in central London (10.6km ended up being 13.7km), visiting the same tube stations multiple times (I’m looking at you Sloane Square), and stopping the same person twice to ask them directions to the same place. However, here comes the kicker – I blooming well loved it! People wished me well as I ran (limped) past wearing a charity run t-shirt, I created a little video in Victoria Station, and got in to at least one wedding photo. It went bizarrely quickly and I suddenly found myself running past St Paul’s and down the home stretch to meet my colleague Vita who would be taking the baton from there and in to Kings Cross, before collapsing on to the tube back to the office; It took three attempts before I could stand up to offer a pregnant lady my seat.

The best part of the whole day however, was checking on the donations as they slowly went up and up, as of the end of August, we had helped Belle raise a little over £30,000 in total, and she is now well on her way to be able to walk normally again. So now here comes the ever so subtle guilt trip: if you can spare one pint/meal out/whatever pretentious coffee you get from that little independent place near the office that’s like, definitely the best coffee and swing us the money instead, then we, and Belle, will be eternally grateful and maybe even give ya shout out in the next TT Newsletter. And who doesn’t want that?


Peace Out, stay excellent and make me proud.

Randall (saving rap. One bar at a time.)

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