It was an evening not to be missed. With a glass of bubbly in one hand and our ticket in the other, Clarah and I walked down the elegant spiral staircase and into a very grand ballroom. The tables were full of anxious nominees and no one was without a smile on their face, as they prepared for a night of laughter, good food and a few presentations from the industry’s most notable leaders. As we took our seats, we were greeted by our friends at YouGov, who had very kindly extended the invitation. The programme was laid out on our plates and we wasted no time scrolling through the nominees to take a guess at who would be a winner. There was a sudden roar of excitement as Jon Snow, C4 News presenter, took the stage to kick off the festivities while also declaring that he knew nothing (a clever reference to Game of Thrones).

There was a large list of categories to get through and Jon Snow wasted no time awarding the well-deserved agencies and teams their coveted PR Week Award. The one campaign that definitely gained the most attention in the press and took home multiple awards, including a Gold Award for Campaign of the Year, was Missing Type. This campaign was executed by MHP Communications/Engine, on behalf of NHS Bloom and Transplant. The concept was simple but the results were significant: MHP was tasked with raising awareness of the importance of being a blood donor, especially to younger audiences, and to help increase the number of registrations. The campaign also recruited and signed up 1,000 organisations and companies who agreed to remove the A, B and O from their signage to visually highlight the ‘missing types’ of donated  blood groups. Companies like Waterstone’s, Google and Coca Cola get involved to show their support of the cause and campaign. Additionally, the campaign encouraged the public to get involved by removing the same three letters from their social media accounts.

The results? According to the <a href="https://www achat cialis”>NHS Blood and Transplant site:
Total pieces of coverage: 689
Total reach: 347, 619, 784
60 influencers showed their support on Twitter
1,000 brands showed support on Twitter
26,121 uses of #NationalBloodWeek and #MissingType across Twitter
66% increase in Instagram fans in less than a week
1,700 image likes on the Instagram profile
478,480 people engaged with the campaign on Facebook

Here is a YouTube video about the campaign:

Overall, Clarah and I were delighted to attend and be involved in honouring these terrific agencies, and recognising all their hard work. Hopefully next year, we’ll be among those nominated, not just those drinking the complimentary bubbles.

Nicole Barbosa, PR Manager


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