Can you tell us a bit about yourself andyour blog? How did you first get into blogging?

I write Rhyme & Ribbons which is a lifestyle blog that covers all the things I love. Food, travel, fashion: the usual! With a dose of slow-living and a penchant for sustainability. I started blogging back in 2013. My husband is an actor/photographer and he had just become a company member at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, so we uprooted and moved out there. Being an expat, my friend group was already minuscule, so by leaving London it shrunk to almost none. So I started blogging to fill that friend void. (And it worked!)=

Youve had some fab opportunities through bloggingwhats been the best opportunity youve had so far?

My biggest “pinch me” moment was when I went on an insanely amazing press-trip to Spain with IceLolly. The other girls on the trip were lovely, the food was incredible and the opportunity floored me.

What do you think is the best servicea blogger can provide their audience?

The best service a blogger can provide is honesty, transparency, and their own voice.  It’s so refreshing to read about someone being themselves or just being genuine.

Do you have a full-time job as well? How do you find the time to run your blog so professionally?

I do have another main job. I wake up early every morning and schedule all my tweets, pinterest pins and plan my instagram posts before work. I try to do all my writing the weekend before and I schedule as much content in advance as possible. But to be brutally honest, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and watched TV without also doing something blog related as well (replying to comments, reading other people’s posts, etc). Having a job that pays the bills and blogging takes a lot of time and a bit of sacrifice, but I’m passionate about blogging so I’m more than happy to dedicate that time to it.

How has your blog changed since you first started it, to now? What was your first post about?

Well my photography has gotten miles better, that’s for sure! I look back on some of those early posts and cringe massively. It took me a little while to find my stride and my voice. (I also used to not really proof-read and I wish I could go back in time and slap myself for that.) My first real post was a recipe for homemade pizza (including a killer homemade pizza crust) and that’s so perfectly in keeping with my beliefs and love for pizza.

 Do you have a favourite post that youve written? Does it differ from your most popular post?

My most viewed post ever is a recipe for a dark chocolate salted caramel oreo pie. What can I say? I’m a glutton but it turns out other people are as well. However, my personal favourite posts are less recipe and travel driven and instead focus on feelings and are more contemplative; something like my post on negative emotions or reflections on our wedding.

Whats been the best thing about your blogging journey?

It sounds so cliche, but the people that I’ve met. People I’ve met through blogging are such an important part of my life. Emma is always there for me (she even threw me a surprise hen-do). Lindsay was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding.  Frankie never fails to make my life and always goes to bat for me.

We all know youre a fantastic lifestyle blogger, but if you could do it all again, would you choose a different niche? Why/why not?

Absolutely not! I love my “niche” because it’s not really a niche at all. It gives me scope to write about whatever I am interested in that week. To be honest, I enjoy reading blogs that cover a wide variety of topics more so than ones that only cover one thing, but that’s just me!

A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money, but we all know it’s notthat easy. What advice would you give new bloggers? 

Just write what you are passionate about and don’t think about what will make you money. If you write what you love, opportunities will find their way to your organically.

And finally, we want to share the love, so who would you like to see us interview in the next newsletter?

I just adore Jaime from the Angloyankophile, Frankie from The Mayfairy or Alice from Wooden Window Sills.


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