Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog? How did you first get into blogging?

I’m Rosie, and I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years with my most recent blog, Mummy and Boo turning five last month. I’m a Travel and Lifestyle blogger.

I see you’ve just been announced as an official judge in this year’s UK Blog Awards – what an honour that must be?

It’s a great honour, It’s a great opportunity to see fist hand the amazing talent and hard work that goes into a successful blog.

What do you think is the best “service” a blogger can provide their audience? 

Authenticity – anyone can google a holiday destination and read the marketing material, but what makes my account stand out is that it’s real, relevant and I hope helpful enough to allow the audience to feel as if they have already been.

Do you have another job as well? How do you find the time to run your blog so professionally?

Blogging is my full time job, I’m grateful that I can hand on heart say I love what I do.

How has your blog changed since you first started it, to now? What was your first post about?

It’s unrecognisable, I launched Mummy and Boo when Boo was 100 days old and the first post was about how I couldn’t find a decent changing bag, I quickly realised that I didn’t enjoy writing about parenting issues exclusively so it quickly evolved into a lifestyle blog. It’s like anything, you have to live it to improve it vente cialis france. Progress comes from writing, editing, coding, seo-ing, photography and repeat! I enjoy blogging because it’s a constant journey of learning, it’s great to pick tips up from fellow bloggers.

Do you have a favourite post that you’ve written? Does it differ from your most popular post?

My most popular posts are anything to do with cruises! My favourite post would have to be the one I wrote about dating as a single mother, the feedback I received both publicly and privately was so encouraging with many identifying with the modern day motherhood dilemma. There’s no greater feeling than when your audience identify with what you’ve written and you as a person.

What’s been the best thing about your blogging journey?

It has to be the amazing adventures Boo and I have been fortunate enough to experience as part of the blog… Boo is one accomplished traveller even though she’s only 5!

We all know you’re a fantastic lifestyle and parenting blogger, but if you could do it all again, would you choose a different niche? Why/why not?

I love what I right about, however I’d love to have a political blog. It’s always something that I’ve had a great interest in and it’s fast paced nature would make for a dynamic blog.

A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money, but we all know it’s not that easy. What advice would you give new bloggers? 

The blogging world may have exploded over the last few years but the same golden rule will apply: content is king. It’s absolutely ok to approach blogging as a revenue stream but that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the your message and more importantly, your audience. Whenever people comment that blogging looks easy, I invite them to join me for a day, one that begins at me getting up at 5am to get ahead with writing!

And finally, we want to share the love, so who would you like to see us interview in the next newsletter?

Donna from What The Redhead Said – she’s a great blogger and friend.


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